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Training and Resources

Using the NFCS: Tutorials

Learn how the NFCS can be used to advance your research and teaching with these tutorials.

An Overview of the NFCS

This introductory video explores the history and uses of the NFCS data. It also contains information on the methodology used to create the NFCS data sets and resources available to researchers.

Accessing the NFCS Data

Learn how to access the NFCS data in different formats, how the data sets are constructed, and how to locate and use the documentation for the data.

Creating and Manipulating Variables

Data analysis almost always requires creating new variables. Watch an example of how to create a financial literacy score using the NFCS data.

Understanding the NFCS Data through Descriptive Statistics

Researchers need to understand the basic characteristics of the data they work with, such as variable types, response options, and missing data. This video examines these and other important topics.

Analyzing Categorical Data

The NFCS contains many categorical variables, so understanding how to work with this type of data is important. This video examines the use of Logistic Regression to analyze categorical data in the NFCS.

Explore the 2021 NFCS Through Interactive Web Visualizations

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Download the 2021 NFCS Report

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Download the 2021 NFCS Investor Report

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