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The People We Help

The FINRA Foundation helps Americans build financial stability, invest for life goals and guard against fraud. The Foundation’s programs address the needs of investors, military service members, lower-income working Americans and families. Much of this work is accomplished in partnership with organizations that share a deep commitment to the Foundation’s mission.

Protecting Consumers from Fraud

The FINRA Foundation’s research-based campaign to protect consumers helps them recognize that anyone with savings could be targeted by a fraud criminal. The campaign identifies the common persuasion techniques fraudsters use and encourages all consumers to ask questions and check information. In collaboration with Better Business Bureaus, AARP, the Securities and Exchange Commission and many others, the Foundation alerts investors to the red flags of investment fraud and empowers consumers to become fraud fighters. 

Resources for Investors

Visit for free, unbiased resources and tools for all investors—from the most seasoned to those just starting out.

Mind Your Money

Thinking Money: The Psychology Behind Our Best and Worst Financial Decisions (Promo Clip 1)

Thinking Money, a documentary about behavioral finance, describes why our money decisions sometimes put us at risk.

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Advancing Financial Inclusion

The FINRA Foundation's Financial Inclusion Framework—built on pillars of communications, education, and research—aims to create new understanding and relationships that lead to people from underserved communities fully and equitably participating in the financial mainstream.


Understanding The Nation’s Financial Capability

The FINRA Foundation’s National Financial Capability Study (NFCS) is a large-scale, multi-wave nationwide research study that examines the financial capability of adults in the United States and how this varies across demographic, behavioral, attitudinal and financial knowledge characteristics. The study, which began in 2009 and is renewed every three years, examines how people make ends meet, plan ahead, manage financial products and their financial knowledge and decision-making.


Serving Those Who Serve

The FINRA Foundation’s Military Financial Readiness Project delivers free, unbiased financial education tools and training to service members and their spouses through a variety of programs and public awareness initiatives. In collaboration with the U.S. Department of Defense Financial Readiness Campaign, the project’s primary goal is to help military families manage their money with confidence.


Working for America's Workers

The FINRA Foundation’s Financial Wellness at Work project—administered in collaboration with United Way Worldwide—helps nonprofits in the community provide workplace financial wellness services for lower-income employees. Onsite financial education, confidential one-on-one help with financial challenges, and access to safe and affordable financial products equip Americans with the tools to build a better financial life, both now and in the future. And employers are learning that financially stable workers are more productive workers.

The Case for Workplace Financial Wellness

It’s needed. It’s effective. It benefits both workers and employers.

Job Loss

Dealing with job loss is difficult and stressful. But it’s crucial to make smart financial choices when it happens.


Bringing Financial Education to Libraries

Since 2007, the FINRA Foundation and the American Library Association have helped some 2,000 libraries meet the financial education needs of library patrons in communities across the country. The initiative, known as Smart investing@​‌your Library®, helps families in diverse circumstances learn the essentials of money management and investing, plan for the future, and make informed decisions about financial products and services.


We all know the answer!

Educating Youth: Resources for Educators

Strong financial knowledge and skills are critical to future success. Use the Foundation's lesson plans and tools to set teens and young adults up to make wise decisions about earning, spending, credit, budgeting, saving and investing.