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  • Consumer Insights: Money and Investing: The series from the FINRA Foundation and NORC at the University of Chicago explores trends and circumstances affecting the way Americans manage and invest their money. Read more. 
  • Michael Morris of the National Disability Institute Awarded the FINRA Foundation’s 2020 Ketchum Prize: The Ketchum Prize—the FINRA Foundation's highest honor—recognizes outstanding service and research to advance financial capability and investor protection in the United States. This year’s recipient, Michael Morris, has devoted his career to improving the financial well-being of individuals with disabilities. The prize is named for Rick Ketchum, the former chairman of FINRA and the FINRA Foundation. Read more.
  • Aging and Financial Decision Making: Using data from the Rush Memory and Aging Project, these research studies explore the relationships between the aging brain and important outcomes for financial decision making. Read more.

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