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The Networks We Strengthen

The FINRA Foundation empowers its partners to reach people where they live, work and learn. It’s about building capacity and nurturing supportive networks that stand ready and well equipped to guide Americans through life’s financial decisions and challenges.

Empowering Fraud Fighters

From law enforcement to consumer advocates and skillful volunteers, the FINRA Foundation and its partners have trained thousands to detect, prevent and respond to financial fraud. The training is turn-key and grounded in research. It puts the right tools in the hands of those in a position to protect consumers and take appropriate action when fraud does occur. The FINRA Foundation’s financial fraud fighting network is national and growing ever larger.

Free Publications

Download printable PDFs of some of FINRA's key investor education articles and publications. Note: Print publications and other resources are currently unavailable.

Consumer Financial Fraud eJournal

The FINRA Foundation sponsors this eJournal on the Social Science Research Network. Subscription is free. Visit Site >>


The FINRA Foundation funds research that advances our understanding of financial capability and well-being. Learn More >>


Strengthening the Ranks of Military Financial Educators

The FINRA Foundation’s train-the-trainer programs for military financial educators enhance the delivery of financial education and counseling to service members and their families, while allowing the educators themselves to gain continuing education credit and maintain their credentials. These training programs help to ensure that U.S. installations around the world are well served by the knowledgeable and dedicated Personal Financial Managers and Accredited Financial Counselors® who make financial readiness a reality.


Creating a Financially Supportive Workplace

The FINRA Foundation and United Way Worldwide maintain a national network of nonprofit organizations that help employers in all sectors of the economy make financial wellness a seamless part of the workday. Through professional development institutes, model programs and services, and opportunities to share best practices, this growing network is rethinking our approach to financial education in ways that fit workers’ daily lives and make sense for how, where and when people make decisions about money.