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Empowering Fraud Fighters

From law enforcement to consumer advocates, the FINRA Foundation has trained thousands to detect, prevent, and respond to financial fraud. Moreover, the Foundation and its partners are at the forefront of research to better understand the prevalence and types of financial frauds committed in the U.S., behavioral and neurological risk factors, and the effectiveness of interventions aimed at protecting consumers.

Resources for Fraud Fighters

Research on Understanding and Combating Financial Fraud
FINRA Foundation research examines factors that contribute to fraud victimization and scam susceptibility as well as interventions and preventative measures aimed at protecting consumers.

Training for Law Enforcement
Since 2012, the FINRA Foundation has partnered with the National White Collar Crime Center (NW3C) to deliver the Targeting Investment Fraud (TIF) training to law enforcement officers, investigators, and prosecutors. Topics include what constitutes a security, hallmarks of investment fraud schemes, investigative strategies for working with victims and perpetrators, and fraud prevention resources. Visit for the list of available TIF classes.

Free Publications
FINRA and the FINRA Foundation offer a variety of brochures, publications and handout materials for distribution in your community. Visit the Free Publications Portal to order items by mail or visit to download some of our most popular publications in PDF.

Taking Action: Assisting Victims of Financial Fraud

Thumbnail image: Taking Action Advocate's GuideThis resource from the FINRA Foundation and the National Center for Victims of Crime provides a roadmap for consumer advocates to assist victims in the wake of a financial crime.
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Victims of financial fraud must cope with the aftermath of a compromised identity, damaged credit and financial loss, and a painful range of emotions. Use these checklists to help victims move forward toward recovery.
Identity Theft Checklist >>
Investment Fraud Checklist >>
Mass Marketing Fraud Checklist >>
Mortgage and Lending Fraud Checklist >>


Foundation Partnerships to Combat Fraud

Through innovative partnerships and outreach, the FINRA Foundation alerts consumers to the red flags of financial fraud and empowers them to become fraud fighters.
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True Scam Stories

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Research the background and experience of financial brokers, advisers, and firms with BrokerCheck by FINRA.
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